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Baby Vitamin D

Baby Vitamin D provides high quality Vitamin D, an important nutrient to support your baby’s normal growth and development. While breast milk provides several benefits for your baby, it may not have all the vitamin D your baby needs. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that full term babies who are exclusively or partially breast fed be supplemented with 400 IU of Vitamin D per day. Dutch Nutra designed this product to provide 400 IU of Vitamin D per serving. Easy-to-use, it can be applied directly on to the breast, a clean finger, a pacifier or in your baby’s food or formula.

Key Benefits

a.     Supports your baby’s normal growth and development.

b.     Helps develop healthy bones and teeth.

c.     Helps your baby absorb important nutrients like calcium and phosphorus.

d.     May help support your baby’s immune system.


a.     Unflavored liquid packaged with a convenient dropper for easy use.  

b.     Suitable for use from birth to 4 years.

c.     Includes no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.

Suitable for the Following Diets

a.     Non-GMO

b.     Gluten free.

c.     Kosher

d.     Halal

Nutritional Information


Since each child’s nutritional needs are different, we recommend consulting your child’s pediatrician prior to use.

Click here for scientific resources on the usage of S-Core FLEXCompact™ Protein

Click here for scientific resources on the usage of S-Core FLEXCompact™ Protein & Probiotics

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